FIVE REASONS Why Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids!

Adult coloring books are catching on fast and if you’ve seen the designs that have come onto the market recently, you’ll understand why coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! It’s a wonderful pastime for people of all ages from toddlers who are just learning how to hold a crayon to seniors who are looking for a new hobby. Here are my five reasons why the whole family should get out their crayons and markers!

Stress Relief

Other than choosing colors and staying inside the lines (which is entirely optional) the repetitive motions of coloring a design require no special skills and the focus required may help calm an overactive brain which can relieve stress. Selecting and applying different colors can reflect and boost your current state of mind; you may even find that you color the same design in different ways on different days!

Stimulates Creativity

Many people who feel that they “don’t have a creative bone in their body” will discover that they can make beautiful and unique pieces of art by coloring a pre-printed design. This can help them feel more confident and creative in other ways and turn around a lifetime of doubting their own abilities.

Help Wind Down

A lot of people use television to wind down after a stressful day. This actually may have the opposite effect from what is intended since it can overstimulate and make it more difficult to get to sleep. Coloring a design can help you “unplug” from the worries of the day which may lead to a more restful night; it may also help refocus your attention so it is a great way to take a mental break from a work or study project without overburdening your brain with TV or video games.

Take It Anywhere – No Batteries Required!

Any parent knows a coloring book and crayons is a great way to keep them busy on long car or plane rides, at the doctor’s office or in line at the bank; you don’t need to worry about bringing extra batteries or where to plug in a charger. The same applies to adult coloring books – no batteries needed and it’s a wonderfully soothing way to pass the time during annoying layovers, hospital stays or any time that you find yourself stuck waiting somewhere you’d rather not be.

Fine Motor Skills; Use ‘Em, Don’t Lose ‘Em!

Educators and parents know that coloring from an early age helps develop and improve fine motor skills. Kids get enormous enjoyment out of coloring pictures, but they’re also developing skills that will come in useful later for handwriting and other tasks that require attention to detail and hand-eye coordination. In later life, we can start to lose these fine motor skills if we don’t use them consistently for writing or drawing. This is another reason why coloring is a great activity for older people since it helps maintain and strengthen the fine motor skills we have come to depend on. There you have it; coloring is great for all the family old and young!